Eligibility Assistance

Are you worried about what it would cost to come use our vast array of services? Let us help clear up some of your concerns!

CHS is committed to seeing every patient that walks through our doors!

CHS has Certified Application Counselors who are available to verify eligibility, help clients apply for HUSKY Medicaid, and the  Access Health Qualified Health Plans. If clients are interested, these services are provided in-house and by appointment only.

An appointment can be made by contacting any of the Patient Advocates and Community Outreach Coordinators below!

Our eligibility specialists can also help all CHS patients apply for the Sliding Fee program to assist patients who are under insured, do not have Insurance, do not qualify for Insurance and those with expected out of pocket costs from their insurances.

Our Eligibility Staff

Patricia Miles, Community Outreach Coordinator – 860-249-9625 ext 746

Zenia Camp, Patient Advocate – 860-249-9625 ext 786

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