Adult Medicine

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Our Adult Medicine department provides services for both acute and chronic illnesses. You’ll find Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nursing and support staff, ready to assist! Adult Medicine takes a holistic team based approach towards your care. This means the Care Team wants to learn about all the different aspects of a patient’s life, how these can impact their health and how we can help!

Healing Hands, Caring Hearts

Primary Care

Our Primary Care services include follow-up of acute and chronic health care problems using Care Teams. As a part of our Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative, Care Teams are essential to ensuring that our patients get consistent Standards of Care. The Care Teams each consist of a primary care provider, nurse, medical assistant and a receptionist. Based on a patient’s medical needs, some additional people could be a part of a patient’s Care Team. They might include our specialty providers like, the nutritionist, optometrist or even the podiatrist who are all conveniently onsite! If a specialty provider is needed outside of CHS, we have a referral department that will help arrange those appointments! We also offer in-house referrals and consultations as they are needed.


When patients have questions or concerns, the Care Teams will make sure materials and explanations are in easily understood formats. We strive on meeting our patients where they are, so that we can work together to improve their health!


We want our patients to work with their Care Teams to actively make decisions regarding their care. All treatment plans are based on Standards of Care. Patients will leave their appointment with a goal they set with their provider for their next appointment! This way our patients are empowered to help make choices that will improve their health!

Urgent Care

Our Podiatrist

Some of the services of our Podiatric department include:

– Conservative & surgical services

– Diabetic foot exams

– Removal of skin growths & tumors

– Foot Sprains & fractures

– Fungal biopsies

– Skin biopsies

– Treatment for hammer toes

– Preventative Kids “in-toeing” services

– Referrals to specialty when appropriate


Services our Nutrition Department include:

– Nutrition counseling

– Diabetes self-management

– Eating for healthy lifestyles counseling


Our HIV/AIDS Program

We have a comprehensive and encompassing program for patients who are diagnosed or newly diagnosed with the HIV illness. We have case managers that will assist the patient with coordinating their care to address:

– Social issues

– Economic issues

– Other barriers that interfere with the client’s health

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